ITIL® Certification

Extellent Professional Development Centers has partnered with Inxelerate Solutions, LLC to provide the very best in Business-IT alignment and IT Service Management training solutions. Our approach uses Inxelerate's Progressive Transformation Framework, which puts the focus on building skills and awareness for a competitive edge in today's agile business processes.

All ITIL® courses are taught using a practical, hands-on learning environment and engaging case studies to better prepare participants for the certification exam offered at the end of each session.

We offer the most complete ITIL® training solution in Austin, Texas with all of our training courses available via the traditional instructor-led training format.

The modular, tiered structure of the qualification offers candidates the flexibility to structure training around various ITIL disciplines and enhance specific skills that they will use in their particular job role.

ITIL® Training Courses

Foundation Level
ITIL Foundation Certification
ITIL® Service Lifecycle
ITIL Service Strategy
ITIL Service Design
ITIL Service Transition
ITIL Service Operations
ITIL Continuous Service Improvement
ITIL® Service Capability
ITIL Planning, Protection & Optimization
ITIL Service Offerings & Agreements
ITIL Release, Control & Validation
ITIL Operational Support & Analysis
ITIL® Expert: Managing Across the Lifecycle
ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle

ITIL® 2011 Qualifications Scheme

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ITIL®2011 Qualifications

Step 1:
ITIL®2011 Foundation Level
ITIL Foundation Module
Entry-level certification
2 Credits
Step 2:
ITIL®2011 Intermediate Level
ITIL Lifecycle Modules
Management Focus
Five Modules
3 Credits Each
ITIL Capability Modules
Execution Focus
Four Modules
4 Credits Each
Managing Across Lifecycle
Links Lifecycle and Capabilities
Independent Qualification
5 Credits
Step 3:
ITIL®2011 Expert Level
ITIL Expert Certification
No Exam
Requires 22 Credits
Step 4:
ITIL®2011 Master Qualification
Must Have ITIL Expert Certification
Requires Peer Evaluation

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