ITIL® 2011 Service Capability

Anyone seeking a deep level of understanding of ITIL processes and roles, how they are implemented, and how they interact, will benefit from the ITIL® 2011 Capability series. It is worth noting that there is a significant amount of overlap of material between the Lifecycle and Capability courses. Therefore, students should attempt to gain a full coverage of the Service Lifecycle as they move into the Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC) courses by ensuring that they are not missing any key areas of knowledge. It is important to get adequately prepared at the Intermediate level, in order to get to ITIL Expert.

The ITIL Capability Stream focuses on a series of clustered process activities, their execution and use throughout specific phases of the ITIL Service Lifecycle, and is made up of four role-specific, 5-day certificate courses. Each ITIL certificate is a free standing qualification, but is also worth four (4) credits towards the ITIL Expert in IT Management Certificate.

The Service Capability modules are:

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