Dirty Secrets of the Financial Planning Industry: What they hope you don't find out

Course Description

Dirty Secrets of the Financial Planning IndustryI am an insider. I have been working in the financial planning industry since 1997....you should heed my advice. Every industry has its dirty laundry, but when that dirty laundry directly costs you money, it needs to be identified, exposed, and cleaned from your life.

This class will offer you the opportunity to take a peek behind the curtain to see what really goes on in financial planning industry.

What You Will Learn:

  • Why over 90% of Advisors don't have to put their customer's interest first
  • How and why 401(k)s are NOT built for the exclusive benefit of plan participants
  • How to locate and eliminate hidden fees
  • The #1 risk all retiree's face and how to fix it
  • The rise of financial FRAUD and the red flags you should be aware of
  • Why your 401(k) is "Leaking" and how to fix it
  • The most expensive brokerage firms and products in the industry
  • Questions to ask a financial professional and how to protect yourself

Who Should Attend:

  • Those that want to know the true cost of their investment products
  • Those concerned about their "advisor”
  • Everyone…knowledge is power….protect yourself!


See the course catalog for Personal Financial Management to register. Select the dates you wish to attend and pay the course tuition fee.


Tuition includes: Fighting Fraud 101 guide, Avoiding Investment Scams guide, FINRA guide Working with Your Investment Professional and access to all the Academic reports cited in class. Additional handouts of the PowerPoint slides may be available for $10, to be paid directly to the instructor.

Your Instructor is a veteran of the industry (over 19 years), Scott Campbell, President of Austin First Financial, Inc.