Get Paid to Save: Learn how to maximize your savings through bonuses and incentives

Course Description

Get Paid to SaveEveryone loves the free perks that corporations use as incentives for their employees such as 401(k) matching programs, employee stock ownership plans, stock warrants, options, etc. But, what if you are not offered those benefits? What else is out there that will give you an incentive to save?

This class will walk you through the products and vehicles that are available to ordinary individuals that provide those incentives.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to receive a match on ALL your monthly savings
  • How to claim up to $2,000 for the Saver's Credit from the IRS
  • How to boost your savings for near-term purchases
  • Where to get free money just for opening an account
  • Best IRS tax deductions available

Who Should Attend:

  • All ages looking for incentives to save
  • Those curious about freebies


See the course catalog for Personal Financial Management to register. Select the dates you wish to attend and pay the course tuition fee.


Tuition includes: Guide to Avoiding Investment Scams and access to all the Academic reports cited in class. Additional handouts of the PowerPoint slides may be available for $10, to be paid directly to the instructor.

Your Instructor is a veteran of the industry (over 19 years), Scott Campbell, President of Austin First Financial, Inc.