Maximizing Social Security

Course Description

Maximizing Social SecurityUtilizing an appropriate claiming strategy for Social Security can dramatically increase your odds of having a successful retirement. With over 81 different ways for a married couple to claim benefits, it can be a complex and complicated endeavor.

This course breaks down the rules for claiming benefits, including:

  • How to maximize
  • Working while claiming
  • Spousal and widow benefits
  • Do-Over options
  • Taxation
  • Restricted Application for Spousal Benefits Only

What You Will Learn:

  • How to integrate Social Security with your Retirement Plan
  • Spousal Benefit Strategies
  • "Rat Holes” and how to avoid them
  • Taxation of Benefits
  • How the Windfall Elimination Provision can affect your benefits

Who Should Attend:

  • Individuals and couples seeking Social Security guidance
  • Those needing clarity on how to integrate their benefits with their overall retirement plan



See the course catalog for Personal Financial Management to register. Select the dates you wish to attend and pay the course tuition fee.


Tuition includes: The Social Security Claiming Guide from the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, a personal Social Security Maximization Report and access to all the Academic reports cited in class. Additional handouts of the PowerPoint slides may be available for $10, to be paid directly to the instructor.

Your Instructor is a veteran of the industry (over 19 years), Scott Campbell, President of Austin First Financial, Inc.