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Companies have large investments in preventing cyber-attacks through technology and highly trained and skilled cyber resources. But today companies need to do more. The RESILIA – Cyber Resilience program outlines a comprehensive and balanced approach to information security that leverages current investments in cyber security while involving every aspect of the business to become Cyber Resilient. It trains employees to keep the information important to the company inside the company.

Extellent Professional Development Centers partners with you to prepare you to earn the RESILIA Foundation certification that will equip you to increase your company's cyber resiliency regardless of your role or level of responsibility.

In this 4-day, instructor-led course the attendee is presented with a comprehensive discourse in the key concepts, processes, principles, functions and best practices of cyber resilience. The attendee builds on their existing business, IT and security knowledge with a comprehensive exposure to cyber resilience that they can leverage in their work environment to keep the value of the business within the business.

Who Should Attend

  • IT Managers and IT Professionals
  • Business Managers, Project Managers, Business Analysts
  • Business professionals in business functions including HR, Finance, Procurement, Operations, and Marketing will benefit from having cyber resilience expertise
  • Risk and Compliance Managers and Professionals
  • Consultants, Managed Service Providers, Solution Providers
  • Professionals wanting to acquire new skills or cyber related knowledge and/or certification.

There are great benefits for individuals, as well as for organizations to put their staff through our RESILIA – Cyber Resilience training courses and certification, enabling them to display a sound understanding of risk management.

RESILIA - Cyber Resilience Courses

RESILIA Foundation 4 Days
RESILIA Practitioner Available in 2016

Note: RESILIA is a Registered Trade Mark of AXELOS Limited.

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